Bug City, UCAS

A Shadowrun campaign orchestrated by Keerith, set in Chicago, 2076. It is sixteen years after Strain III ate most of the bugs (and other dual-natured things) in the Containment Zone, but even with the area “safe” for the Zoners downtown Chicago is still an urban hellhole. The new Mayor of Chicago has declared an end to squatter’s rights in the former CZ, with the land up for grabs for anyone that can prove ownership and successfully rebuild – but the former owners aren’t always clear and certainly aren’t the people living there now, and the City is going to auction lots with no proven owner off to the highest bidder.

With all of that mess going on, there is plenty of work for a Runner to find.

Useful Links:
Roll20 Campaign
Mibbit IRC
*Join the Rizon IRC server (irc.rizon.net if you use your own client) and the #KeerithSR5 channel
A Better Fillable Character Sheet
Chicago Setting Information
Chicago: Feral Cities (A couple of years behind but all the great setting info you’d need)
Chicago Map
(Note this is a public source, fan-made map, but it is fairly accurate)

So You Want To Be A Runner
Advice on starting gear
Starter gear pack discussion

Bug City

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